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The Government Affairs Department focuses its Grassroots Program on educating, registering, and mobilizing members via four communication channels: worksite action, door knocking, phone banking, and local union publications. Together, we can enlighten, encourage, and inspire members to stand up for issues affecting working families, communicate with elected officials, and vote for labor champions.

What you should know:

  • The IBEW Constitution, Article XVI §3 states that every local union shall have a registrar, and Article XVII §1(e) sets forth the registrar’s duties. However, a local union is not limited to just one; depending on the size or structure of the local, it may be more effective to have multiple registrars.
  • Registrars are responsible for enlightening and communicating with members about the importance of political action. The IBEW is committed to providing them with the resources to help carry out their roles. The registrar center is secured and only available to registrars, district and state political coordinators, and administrators.

2023 Voter Registration Project

This year, the IBEW Government Affairs Department is introducing our new digital approach to the voter registration project. Local unions will have the option to complete this project either by email or by U.S. mail. Local union business managers will receive an email from their state political coordinators with the following materials to complete the project:

Please notify the IBEW Government Affairs Department at when your local union has completed this project and/or if you need any assistance. 


Help grow voter registration among rank-and-file members and amplify your local union’s position on candidates and current local, regional, and national issues.

Visit the AFL-CIO for grassroots tools.

Click here to login to Local Connections to manage your Registrars.


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Help us continue advancing and improving the lives of all IBEW members by supporting our efforts to provide excellent education, advocacy, mobilization, public policy, and legal and administrative action.

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