Getting Fired Up for Voting with IBEW!

Getting Fired Up for Voting with IBEW!

Dear IBEW Member,

This year your vote matters more than ever! Getting informed and registered early is the best way to make sure your vote works for you.

In 2024, we are facing real challenges and big opportunities. The IBEW wants to make sure we elect friends of labor who will protect our rights and create more high-quality union jobs.

The IBEW is leading the charge for both. Our influence is growing every day with new projects like semiconductor plants and new high-speed railways. These projects are how the IBEW will build the middle class, but we need your vote to keep it going. Your vote can mean progress for IBEW. By backing candidates who support us, we can shape our future. We need true advocates who will stand for us and our jobs.

Do your part today! Fill out the voter registration form you received from your business manager. Share with friends and family, too! 

Don’t want to wait?

Visit the IBEW Government Affairs Grassroots Resources page for info on voter registration.

Voting isn’t just a right; it’s our responsibility. By voting, we protect our rights, our jobs, and our families. Let’s unite in 2024 and beyond!

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