Cooper to Congressional Labor Allies: Keep it Up, We’re Not Done Yet

Cooper to Congressional Labor Allies: Keep it Up, We’re Not Done Yet

The past four years on Capitol Hill have been some of the best ever for IBEW members, with Congress passing massive infrastructure and energy bills, and saving multiemployer pensions.

IBEW President Cooper had the opportunity to thank members of Congress when he addressed the Congressional Labor Caucus as a guest on April 16. 

“It’s my honor to speak directly to friends in Congress,” Cooper said to the more than 20 members of Congress there to hear from him. He singled out Rep. Donald Norcross of New Jersey for reinvigorating the caucus. 

Cooper spoke about the need for policies that reshore American jobs, protect fossil fuel workers, and cut the red tape blocking electrical transmission projects. 

“It was great to have IBEW join us for these important conversations as we continue working to support workers during the transition to a clean energy future,” said Rep. Debbie Dingell of Michigan. “Workers are the backbone of America, and when they succeed, our country succeeds.”

Cooper also highlighted the changing face of the IBEW with his choice of guest: Philadelphia Local 98 member Teila Allmond, an inside journey level electrician, apprenticeship instructor, and recruiter for the pre-apprenticeship program targeting women, Rosie’s Girls. The name honors a proud symbol of working American women from World War II, Rosie the Riveter.

“My students are a testament to the importance of the opportunities the trades provide,” Allmond said, describing how the learn-while-you-earn model of apprenticeship training changed her life. “Millions of Americans are hoping to receive an education but struggle with the question of how to afford it.”

Caption: IBEW President Cooper on Capitol Hill April 16, center, alongside Philadelphia Local 98 member Teila Allmond and Rep. Donald Norcross, an IBEW member from New Jersey.

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